Lakewood officer injured in crash while avoiding gunman

09 March 2011, 10:10 am

A Lakewood police officer chasing another driver was injured late Tuesday after swerving off the road when someone in the other vehicle pointed a gun at him. 

Police Lt. Chris Lawler said the incident began about 11:48 p.m. when the officer spotted a vehicle driving recklessly in the Woodbrook area of Lakewood.

The officer was chasing the car when it suddenly turned and blocked the roadway at the intersection of Perimeter Road and 20th Avenue Court South near Spanaway. A person in the passenger seat was pointing a shotgun at the officer's approaching vehicle, Lawler said. 

The officer swerved off the road to avoid being shot and crashed. He was ejected from the car and was unconscious when other officers arrived. 

Lawler said the officer had taken off his seat belt because he thought the people in the fleeing car were going to run from the vehicle when it stopped and that he would have to chase them on foot. 

The officer regained consciousness and was taken to a hospital where he was expected to recover. 

Officers from several law enforcement agencies searched for the vehicle but were not able to find it. 

Lawler said the vehicle is "sporty" white small car with tinted windows and a "throaty" exhaust. Anyone with information is asked to call Lakewood Police at 253-830-5000 or Crimestoppers of Pierce County at 253-591-5959.

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